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This wellness business has been a GROWING experience for me.  I didn't know anything about sales (and, frankly, didn't want to LOL).  

I just knew I had a powerful product in my hands that others NEEDED in their lives as well.  And I took a step forward in faith.  I found that doTERRA not only delivers an empowering product line, but solid and generous compensation for those who partner with their mission.

I have been blessed a thousand times over for taking that step.  I'd love to have you join me on this path . . . are you ready to GROW?   

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—Corrina Westbrook

I absolutely love Cindy as a Leader, friend and up-line, she is always there when you need her (or not). She has helped me grow beyond my own belief and has empowered me to be a better leader. She has motivation and inspiration to build on and she keeps you empowered when you're down. She always has an answer for you. But best of all, her consistency is key. You can always count on Cindy!!!

always there

is one who holds the space for the brilliance of others.  -Marianne williamson

a leader

The doTERRA business provides a flexible opportunity whether you have a primary job, stay at home, travel, or move often.  No matter where you live, there's a way to be successful.  

Through the life of my business, I have shifted gears a few times as my family circumstances have changed and my business has grown with my life.

I'm so grateful for the physical, emotional, and financial health and that doTERRA provides my family.  



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— Sandra Wilhelm

Cindy has been an amazing business coach. She is generous, motivational and kind, constantly finding ways to help me grow my business. doTerra is the most amazing company. Their Products are top of the line and they are so generous. I couldn’t ask to be associated with a better Company and business partner!

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This opportunity is like nothing I've ever experienced.  It's not a 'get rich quick" or 'pyramid' scheme.  It is a legitimate business that requires commitment and hard work - and the rewards are amazing.  

It's about providing value to people who need it - the more people who are helped, the greater the compensation. And it's so satisfying to get paid for simply helping people live better lives. 
Does this sound like something that makes sense for you?  Reach out to me and let's chat!  

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Could working with me help you reach your goals?  I would love to find out. I'm pleased to offer a free consultation to chat about how our goals might be a fit.

Schedule a consultation today.  I'd love to hear about your dreams and show you more of what's possible with doTERRA. 

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