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I'm so thankful for the family we are growing in doTERRA.  I love my personal leaders and customers, as well as those who have joined our team through our network.  The new relationships I've gained through this business mean the world to me.  

If you join our team with me or through one of my partners, you have access to all my trainings, oil camps and FB Groups, as well as help with in-person or virtual classes.  I'm thrilled to work with you!  

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—Pennie Epperson

Cindy truly cares about all those in her doTERRA family. Whether you are a business partner and seeking help developing your business, or if you are a customer with questions, Cindy will treat you as her number one priority and help with all your needs. After using doTERRA's oils and learning about their extraction system to derive oils from plants, I will never trust ANYTHING other than doTERRA!

the value of each individual

I'm SO grateful that Cindy introduced me to doTERRA Essential Oils. It has been a huge benefit for my family to be able to rush to my oil box instead of rushing to the doctor's office when health needs arise. Cindy has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me through this incredible transition

--Kristin Ashby


doTERRA not only provides top quality pure and potent natural products that work, but they do so in a sustainable way - for the environment AND the people and communities that produce the plant material.  

The essential oil industry unfortunately has a history problematic elements and even exploitation in the supply chain.  I love doTERRA's commitment to co-impact sourcing to ensure that those producing our products are compensated fairly, with special support for those in developing countries.  It's amazing to see (and be a part of) economies being lifted from poverty.     

Global PArtner

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Being a part of doTERRA has been an honor and privilege for me.  I love the mission of our company and the people who are drawn to it.  

I've achieved goals and dreams through this amazing vehicle and I'm committed to helping others along this path so they can experience all that it has to offer.  

This business is planted deep in my heart.  I'd love to help YOU on your journey if you'd like to trust me with your goals and dreams. 

What could we create together?  

Committed to your success

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