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Some of my daily go-to essential oils for emotional + physical health include Balance grounding blend, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Serenity restful blend.  I also LOVE the Brave blend (from the kids collection - I guess I'm young at heart).  

My arsenal for when health challenges creep up includes On Guard protective blend, On Guard+ softgels (my #1 favorite), Frankincense, Digestzen, Breathe, Oregano and many more.  These have been total game changers for me - esp bc I have allergies to some medications.   

I never want to be without them.  

there's an oil for that

Essential Oils


—Becki Scott

Our family has been using doTerra products for over 8 years. We love them! My daughter is in the Philippines and doesn't have access to modern medication. She loves having her oils with her and we feel better knowing she has them too. My husband's favorite product is LLV. He has been a faithful user for 8 years. Life is better with doTerra!

Peace of Mind for the family

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Essential Oils and Supplements

Despite being the world-leader in essential oils, some of doTERRA's top-selling products are actually supplements 

The Lifelong Vitality pack, PB assist probiotics, and Terrazyme digestive enzymes are some of my daily favorites! 

I'm grateful for other products that provide periodic support like GX assist (+PB assist) and Zendocrine for cleansing, as well as digestzen softgels, tri-ease seasonal softgels, and serenity softgels.    

Life-changing supplements


—Jamie Wright, RN

For years I suffered pain and symptoms that made my normal quality of life nonexistent. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which causes inflammation of the central nervous system and many uncomfortable symptoms in addition to the horrible pain and fatigue. I turned to what I know as a nurse, I read and researched. I agreed (after some gentle prodding from Cindy), to “try” the Lifelong Vitality Complex, but only after researching each individual ingredient. Many of my symptoms stopped or significantly reduced within two months. I added Mito2Max a year later to give my cells a boost. Now, if I miss more than a couple days, the fibro symptoms creep in. I know that my supplements give me what my cells need to stay strong and healthy because I’m living it. Feeding my cells what they need has given me my quality of life back with few limitations. I’m so thankful for this miracle and blessing.

miracle for my quality of life

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Empower yourself by using these "Gifts of the Earth".  As a former teacher, educating others and connecting them to these solutions is a passion of mine.  I love sharing what I've learned and seeing others discover powerful solutions that work for them.  

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